Sofia Bowen Center


Ева Кулева

"Over the past three years at certain periods of time I have had continuous pain and tension in the shoulders, which sometimes turned into numbness of the hands.
After a few Bowen treatments I felt considerably relieved of the symptoms - less tension in the shoulders and the numbness in hands is gone. Of course, watching what caused these symptoms at work and taking care of it permitted to obtain a lasting effect of the Bowen therapy.
Thank you!"


"Fifteen years ago I have been diagnosed with a Meniere's disease.
I got used to "manage" it as good as I could the frequent crisis with anti-vertiginous drugs prescribed to me (Betaserc).

Most of the time crisis were finishing after 2-3 days, then were coming back the next month.

After several requests from a friend of mine, I ended up trying a Bowen treatment.
To be honest, I accepted more to please my friend than from the belief it could help me solving a problem for which modern medicine could not offer more than something to help "coping with" the disease.

I haven't felt anything after the first session and I kept thinking I was doing this to please my friend. I persisted until I realize that when a crisis was occurring, sessions brought me a real improvement in the duration or recovery.

I even started to ask for "preventive" Bowen sessions when I was feeling the precursory symptoms of a crisis. Those sessions could stop the development of the incoming crisis.

Today, as I am writing those lines, I realize that I haven't got any real crisis nor taken any anti-vertiginous drugs in the last 6 months!"

Valentin M.

"I have lived a stressful and exhausting life for more than twenty years.
My professional responsibilities are intense and let me few time to have a break or to think about the simple needs of rest and harmony of my body.
With time, it leaded me to feel physically bad, with the feeling of being perpetually tired, without remembering what it was to feel good.
I've been lucky to meet M. Briand who explained me the benefits of this technique.

The first session was enough to dispel my doubts: I was able to take a break, to stand back and feel good sensations again.
I proudly confess that I felt asleep on the table, like a happy baby, trustful and relaxed, at last.
A real astonishment came along after this first session as I felt positive effects during many days after it.

Of course M. Briand, together with being his regular customer, earned my respect and my gratitude.
Therefore I recommend his care to anyone feeling the destructive effects of a tensed and stressful life.
Thank you."


"In September 2012, after several months of periodic cycle disorders, I had a severe bleeding, which finally took me at emergency to my gynecologist. It came out I had a functional ovarian cysts which were "not dangerous", but in my case they were causing continuous disruption of the periodic cycle – by flow and/or bleeding, which was quite disturbing and inconvenient for me. I was prescribed birth control hormonal tablets for treatment. Generally I would not take hormonal tablets, but the doctor said that I have no choice with this bleeding. So I had to take the pills for 3 months and then went again for a following checkup. During this period the tablets almost entirely suppressed my menstruation and it was symbolic comparing to the normal one. At the following checkup it was visible that the cysts are still remaining, though smaller. I was allowed to stop the hormonal tablets.

On the second month the bleeding between cycles started again. This time I did not wait to become a hemorrhage and went to my gynecologist immediately to ask for another treatment, as this one obviously does not work. It came out there’s no other treatment! And I was prescribed the same tablets - this time for five months! :)
At that point I was already committed to find an alternative ways to deal with my problem.

After the five months of medical "healing" passed, and the bleeding appeared again, I started to go to Bowen therapy once a week. The first 5 procedures had no visible change in my opinion (the therapist told me that the body is balancing itself), still I did not feel anything nor had my flow changed. But on the sixth procedure, however, the flow stopped completely on the second hour after the treatment and did not appear again for whole three days!
We started to repeat this same procedure every week, and the results were improving every time: flow was seizing each time for longer periods, it became episodic and completely disappeared in the next month - month and a half!
My therapist asked me to go for medical checkup to get a testimony, but as I no longer had any problem, I did not wanted to bother anymore with these topics – for me it was enough!

Several months later, in regard with my pregnancy, I started visiting my gynecologist again. At the first examination I right away asked about the cysts – if they are still there? It turned out that there were no cysts anywhere!!!
To be honest - I was surprised myself - I thought they did not disappear, just that my body stopped reacting that strongly to them... I was so surprised, that I even asked for the ultrasound picture to show it. :)

My doctor knew I have tried alternative methods for treatment and hastened to assure me that they surely have not helped me – as she said: sometimes problems can "fix alone" ... :) I did not argue!
But I'm very grateful that I am healthy and I can lead a normal life and can get cured without the necessity of artificial hormones!

I really appreciate and like this therapy - it is a real treat and gift, I recommend it to everyone!"