Sofia Bowen Center

- Who can use the Bowen Technique ?

Everyone can receive Bowen treatments: men and women (in any condition), children and elder people, babies from the first day of their life, pregnant women in any stage. Тhe Bowen Technique is a soft therapy, absolutely non-invasive and harmless to the person who is receiving it. If you have tried many types of medicine without getting rid of the pain, we suggest you to give a try to the Bowen Technique.

This therapy combines perfectly with any medical prescribed treatment – it will only make your recovering process go faster and smoother. It can be used with prescribed drugs, it don’t interfere with their effects, only as it balances the inner processes and removes the cause of the sickness, you will no longer need to take the pills at certain point. All the changes in the medications though must be done by your doctor, after the necessary tests are made!

In the cases of surgery (planned ahead or performed) the Bowen Technique will ease the stress from the operation and will accelerate the recovery. Ask for a treatment before and after the surgery to enjoy fast and easy recovery.

This is a detailed list of the problems and pathologies that influence well by the Bowen technique.