Sofia Bowen Center

- Why use Bowen Technique ?

When the body experiences an injury or a trauma the most common symptom is pain, or a disbalance is the vital body functions.

In some cases this wound remains active and generates repeating pain, continuing discomfort or certain movement limitations as a chronic symptoms.

In the cases of Musculo-skeletal injuries, using Bowen therapy will permit faster or full recovery. When there are still remaining old or not cured traumas, the results that this technique show, are quite satisfying: it increases the overall physical liberty and the functionality of the tissues at the affected place, it significantly reduces or completely vanishes the residual pain, it activates the inner doctor and the rebalancing of all the body systems...

Secondly, the technique is used to regulate all visceral processes and for treatment of a wide range of conditions. It stimulates the immune system, balances the vital functions and the homeostasis (physiological status) of all internal processes. Bowen technique treats acute health problems or helps for old chronic diseases on physical, psychological or emotional level. It releases the deep body stress and is wonderful for prevention and for prophylaxis.

As all the systems of the body are connected, the imbalance in anyone of them (due to any cause) leads to influencing or change in the functionality in the other systems and organs. The recovery from visceral problems and balancing the inner functions naturally will lead also to improved psychological / emotional state and wellness.

This technique can be also used in addition to conventional medicine, to achieve even better results complementary to the prescribed medications. It amplifies the effects of the medical treatment and hastens the recovery process.

Bowen therapy well combines with homeopathy. We only recommend that you avoid simultaneous use with other manual therapies, such as acupuncture, acupressure, physiotherapy, massage, etc.

Remember that there are no range limitations for the recovering abilities of the body, even when the conventional methods do not offer adequate approach to reach that state!